Key products:

  • photovoltaic modules different brands, producer
  • underconstruction for free area, roof, wall, etc. installation
  • photovoltaic inverters, grid, hybrid, island
  • tranformators
  • generators, gensets
  • etc.

Brand we are listed:

  • Modules from DAH Solar, Solarfabrik, Jinko, ….. much more
  • Inverters from Huawei, Kaco, Goodwe, Kostal, ….. much more
  • underconstruction. SL-Rack, K2, Alumera, ….. much more
  • Battery only LiFePo4 type we using, Huawei, BYD, Hötas, ….. much more
  • Iseland inverters Studer innotec, Goodwe, ….. much more

In the end, we deliver any what you want, and we think is a good product and quality.