Please understand, we can’t write any here, also we have to accept the rules our clients.

hotel, close to germany, Ingolstadt
– build 2018, till now
– abouth 300 rooms
– pools, spa
Change hole heating/cooling measurement and control technology
and full service for any installations

industry halls
– build 2016
– change measurement an control technology

truck wash center, germany, Regensburg
– build 2021
– projectdevelopement thermal heating system for hotwater production
– building the hole system
– create measurement an control technology
– hybrid system with gas fired boiler

district heating system
– running task
– 40 houses, a 40 flats
– Change hole measurement and control technology, around 45 controlstations
– remotemanagement

Project developement, germany, München
– running task
– change heating system to clima split systems
– 40 houses, a 15 flats

Some projects,
– for big chemical industrie
– production cars
– production big engines (11.000kW)
– biogas plant, developement, installing

Privat house, PV, battery hybrid full backup, close to germany München
– build 2010
– change electric installation to an fullservice electric backup system
– 20kWp PV installation, full running, without grid
– 30kWh Nickel – iron accu, changing in 2018 to LgChem
– island inverters 3 x Studer innotec XTM4000-48
– Kostal ongrid inverter (running on island system)

My privat house, close to germany, Regensburg
– build 2007, same changing till days
– now near 6kWp island PV power
– now near 7kW electric power
– 30kWh LiFePo4 battery system
– own witten special software for management